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pet shop boys live @ creamfields'99

Dusty Springfield (1939 - 1999)

On March 2nd 1999 Dusty Springfield died of breast cancer in her house in Oxfordshire, England.

Dusty was born in 1939, had her first hits in the 60s, and became addicted to drugs in the 70s. She made a comeback in 1987 when the Pet Shop Boys asked her for a collaboration. They recorded What Have I Done To Deserve This? which became a big worldwide hit. Two years after this success they worked together again and the Pets produced and wrote Nothing Has Been Proved and In Private - both became huge hits. In 1990 Dusty released the album Reputation containing these two singles and three more songs with the boys' involvement.

On March 3rd Neil and Chris released the following statement...

'It was a dream come true for us when Dusty Springfield agreed to sing with us on the song What Have I Done To Deserve This?. She hadn't recorded for several years but as soon as she arrived in the studio and began to sing we knew that the greatest female singer Britain has ever produced was still on brilliant form. Quite honestly, we were in awe of her.

Dusty was a tender, exhilarating and soulful singer, incredibly intelligent at phrasing a song, painstakingly building it up to a thrilling climax. She was also a warm and funny person. 'What do you want me to sing like?' she asked on that first day we met. 'You', we replied, and she seemd quite surprised. We are proud to have been a small part of her fabulous career.'

Dusty Springfield and PSB
Pet Shop Boys 'Screaming'

The only new PSB track in 1998 -
Screaming - appeared on a CD called Psycho: Music from and inspired by the Motion Picture.

The soundtrack from this remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho was released, under Geffen Records, on Tuesday December 1st in the United States... It had been released in Europe on BMG Records in January 1999.

Screaming was not released as a single. 3 pressings of an acetate CD-R made in the UK for review purposes are existing. Screaming was recorded in August 1998. Unfortunately it is not featured in the movie.

The track was written by Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe and Tom Stephan. Produced by Pet Shop Boys together with the work of engineer and mixer Goetz for Z Management, assistant engineer Jason Howells, programmer Pete Gleadall and the additional keyboards of Tom Stephan.

P S Y C H O   soundtrack

View Screaming lyrics

Robbie Williams & Pet Shop Boys

Robbie Williams, ex-Take That, did not regret having Neil Tennant on backing vocals, along with Divine Comedy┤s Neil Hannon on his single No Regrets released on November 30th 1998 in Europe.

This single is a double A-side with Phoenix From The Flames. 

Both songs can also be found on the latest full-length album by Robbie called I've Been Expecting You.

Some time ago Williams did a cover version of I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing, which was released as a B-side on his single Let Me Entertain You.

Click here to view the No Regrets lyrics!

I've Been Expecting You

'Guiness Book Of Records'

If you look up for the most successful UK pop duo in history in the 1999 Guiness Book Of Records you'll find... the Pet Shop Boys! This is based on their past 28 hit singles that reached the UK Top 20. Recently they've been added to the Guiness Book Of Hit Singles as the 19th most successful act of all time in the UK charts, and as the 22nd most successful group of the 90s. Congratulations!
'Projections' Released In The US

On September 22th 1998 the Projections video was released in the US. This video consists of Derek Jarman's short movies that were made for the boys' concert tours where these clips were projected on a big screen on stage. Here is a list of all included clips...

Opportunities , Heart, Paninaro, It's A Sin, Domino Dancing alternative mix, Kings Cross, Always On My Mind, Violence hašienda version, Being Boring.

The first release of this tape was in the UK back in 1993, four years later Projections was released in Germany, and then in Canada. The US and the Canadian version are the same, the others have got totally different sleeve designs.

'Somewhere' Concert Video Releases

On November 3rd 1998 the Asian version of the Somewhere DVD in NTSC format was released by Panorama Entertainment for the Hong Kong and Taiwanese market.

Somewhere In Concert - Live At The Savoy Theatre was released on NTSC VHS in Japan on October 27th 1998. It seems that on this version the interview is missing.

In the PAL format, Somewhere has been released in autumn 1998 by Hecker & Schneider in Germany.

Somewhere DVD
Noel Coward - '20th Century Blues'

On April 13th 1998 the Noel Coward Tribute Album 20th Century Blues has been released in Europe by EMI.

This album consists of Noel Coward songs covered by contemporary British singers including the boys' Sail Away. Other contributing artists are Elton John, Paul McCartney, Sting, The Divine Comedy, Suede featuring Raissa, and Shola Ama with Craig Armstrong.

Robbie Williams covered There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner, which was produced by the Pet Shop Boys. The album was compiled by Neil Tennant for the Red Hot Aids Trust.

The album has been released on DVD on June 29th 1999 in the US. It contains the whole concert which was performed on the eve of the pre-release party for the album.

20th Century Blues
'Essential Pet Shop Boys' Releases

This compilation of PSB songs originally released between 1985 and 1990 was released on March 31th 1998 in the US and on April 29th 1998 in Japan.

It was compiled at the request of EMI Records in America and the production of the US version has stopped after six months. It was a limited edition and will only be available until stocks are depleted.

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