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Fan Gallery

If you as a real Pet Shop Boys fan want a picture of you to be shown here, please
send us an
e-mail including your name, nickname, country, a short text and an attached photo.


name: Michael

nickname: Bud

country: Austria

''... Because you dance to disco and you don't like rock ...'




name: Patrick

nickname: Gallo

country: Austria

'... Life in the so-called space age ...'


name: Markus

nickname: Doeni

country: Austria

'... The man who has everything ...'


Mike Fiorenza


name: Mike

nickname: Gobbz

country: U.S.A.

'... I'm impressed with you, I could impress you too ...'

Mark Williamson  

name: Mark

nickname: Markie

country: U.K.

'... I'm the Qeeen of Hereford : ) ...'

Neil Curtis  

name: Neil Curtis

nickname: Neil

country: Austria

' ... Do I lie? How are you? ... '

Thomas G. Lubitsch  

name: Thomas G. Lubitsch

nickname: Guffler

country: Austria

Jose Luis (and friends)  

name: Jose Luis

nickname: Xtactic Feeling

country: Spain

' ... Here we are again, and we know we'll meet again... '

Vadim Grebenikow  

name: Vadim Grebenikow

country: Ukraine

' ... I'm interested in PSB singles & videos ... '


name: Youssef

nickname: Alazar

country: Morocco

' ... One kiss then I'll go ... '

Matt Adams  

name: Matt Adams

country: U.S.A.

' ... I Love You, Neil ... '

Mikel A Salas  

name: Mikel A Salas

country: Holland

' ... lights! models! guest list! just do your best darling! ... '


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