The Pet Shop Boys
The Pet Shop Boys In 1981 Neil Tennant was about to start working for Smash Hits magazine in London and Chris Lowe studied architecture in Liverpool. On August 19th they casually met in an electronics store on Kings Road, London. Soon after that, they started writing music together under the name West End.

Two years later Neil was in New York interviewing The Police, when he met producer Bobby Orlando. Neil and Chris liked Orlando’s high-energy disco records and they produced the Pet Shop Boys first version of West End Girls and an early version of One More Chance together.

The first release of West End Girls was only a small club hit, but eighteen months later, in October 1985, West End Girls was reworked by Stephen Hague and reached number one all over the world, selling more than a million copies and becoming a classic pop record. At the same time, Neil quit his job at Smash Hits, and the Pet Shop Boys signed a contract with Parlophone Records.

Since then Neil and Chris visited the whole world in four different tours. They're working together for nearly 15 years now. A time full of hit albums, no. 1 singles, awards, collaborations, and various interesting projects. Today the PSB are without a doubt the most successfull pop duo of the world.

Neil Tennant

Neil Tennant

Neil Francis Tennant was born on the 10th of July 1954 in North Shields, Northumberland. He had been writing songs since he was eleven, and at the age of twelve he got his first guitar. Neil was 16 when he formed his first band called Dust.

He decided to study history at the North London Polytechnic, and after passing his exams Neil got a job working for Marvel Comics. He tried various jobs as a publisher and ended up becoming a journalist at Smash Hits.

1981 he met Chris, and started his career as the singing Pet Shop Boy. Around his 40th birthday, he had his public coming-out in an interview for a magazine. Neil likes classicals music and spends a lot of money for antiques.


Chris Lowe

Chris Lowe

Christopher Sean Lowe was born on the 4th of October 1959 in Blackpool, Lancashire. He learnt playing the piano and the trombone from an early age and later he played in a band called One Under The Eight.

Before 24-year-old Chris decided to study architecture at the Liverpool University he did various jobs.

After meeting Neil in 1981, Chris became the composing Pet Shop Boy. In public he mostly appears wearing hats and sunglasses. He loves high-energy music and is a huge soccer and boxing fan.

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